The Perfect 5: Disney News 5.8.20

The Perfect 5: Disney News 5.8.20

We round up the 5 things that happened in Disney news this week that will make you smile.

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Welcome to our new series – The D.P. Perfect 5. Each week we’ll round up 5 things that happened in the Disneyverse that qualify as “a good thing” (thanks for that immortal phrase Martha Stewart.) They can be pieces of uplifting news, stories you share with us, or anything that transpired in the last week that made us smile. So let’s get to that list!

the voices of liberty video serenade us!

We’re squeezing every ounce of Disney magic we can from Youtube these days. That’s why we’re over the moon that Voices of Liberty from EPCOT took to video this week and shared a sweet melody of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and Aladdin’s “Friend Like Me.” More of this please!

Taika Waititi is Directing a Star Wars Movie!

Your first question might be who the heck is Taika Waititi? All you really need to know: this is the guy that made Thor one of the stand out Marvel cinematic universe characters and also the same dude who directed the season finale of The Mandalorian. Safe enough to say that internet breathed a collective sigh of happy relief when news broke that Waititi will take the reigns for this new installment in the Star Wars films.


disney around the globe starts to reopen (sort of!)

Disney parks started showing signs of life this week with the partial reopening of Disney Springs announcement and the phased reopening of Shanghai Disneyland that begins May 11th. Maybe it’s wrong to be too excited about these headlines but seeing sparks-of-Disney-life picking up around the globe makes us feel the warm fuzzies about what the future holds. We’re excited to get back to any parts of the magical experiences!


more virtual disney fireworks viewings!

Following last week’s epic share of Walt Disney World’s fireworks, the view at home fun kept rolling with another full length parks fireworks show on Youtube. Get ready to feel transported to the perfect viewing spot as the night sky lights up over Disneyland Paris in this video.

disney+ gets more stuff we love

New things are added to Disney+ throughout the month but we’re particularly excited by the adds that happened this week. Picks like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, The Princess Bride, and the series finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars all dropped this week. If you’re looking for even more content to binge-watch check out our latest picks here.


That wraps up our first installment of the D.P. Perfect 5. What good news were you smiling about this week? Tell us what should have made the list in the comments below.


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