The Perfect Shorts to Binge-Watch on Disney+

The Perfect Shorts to Binge-Watch on Disney+

Fresh out of episodes of Disney’s Fairtytale Weddings to marathon? We’ve got the perfect list of shorts to add to your next Disney+ binge-watch session.

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The collective universe has been clocking in some serious Disney+ hours lately. We know you’re probably fresh out of episodes of Disney’s Fairytale Weddings to marathon so let’s get to restocking your watchlist.

The best content you’ve been sleeping on? The shorts collections. These shorts are laugh out loud funny, over the top silly and sometimes even incredibly moving. So let’s take a look at our 3 favorite collections that are perfect for your next Disney+ binge-watch session.

Get your sweatpants ready and hit that couch!

Toy Story toons


If you haven’t watched the Toy Story Toons collection yet, run, don’t walk back to the TV to flip them on. Set after the Toy Story 3 timeline this collection is at the top of our viewing list. In just a few minutes the shorts manage to pack a ton of laughs (we were actually in tears at one point) and continued to surprise us. Be sure to add all 3 to your list – Small Fry, Hawaiian Vacation and our favorite of the bunch Partysaurus Rex.


PartySaurus Rex takes viewers into the rave like setting of Bonnie’s bathtub.



Get ready to be hit by a truckload full of feels with the Sparkshorts collection. These 6 Pixar shorts deliver all the emotional resonance you’d expect from the studio. Sometimes sad, often thought provoking and always incredibly high quality we loved diving into this collection. For your watchlist add the set: Purl, Smash & Grab, Kitbull, Float, Wind and Loop.


Smash and Grab tells the story of two robot workers tethered to their train work car.

Forky asks a question


We know you’ve probably scrolled past the Forky Asks a Question a few times while browsing through Disney+. This series featuring our favorite spork is truly worth a watch. We admit that there a couple shorts that really stand out for highest laugh factor among the rest (like What is a Leader, What is Art and What is Money) but the full collection merits a spot in your binge session.


A series of questions around leadership quickly devolve into crazy antics in What Is a Leader?

To make your night in run smoothly we recommend adding all these shorts to your watchlist ahead of time so you can quickly flip through them (as any good binge-watch session demands.) Happy viewings!


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