The Scoop on Recent Crowds at Walt Disney World


Okay, Discrew. We’ve got to talk about the current crowd situation at Walt Disney World — and why it isn’t that shocking.

Like other Walt Disney World Annual Passholders and frequent Disney visitors, we’ve been noticing the recent uptick in theme park crowds during what’s typically known as the “off season.” So, what’s the deal?

Well, the whole idea of the “off season” is based on Disney World crowd patterns from past years. But that was pre-pandemic, and now we’re in a whole new era. With so many Disney fans postponing their trips to the most magical place on Earth since 2020, it’s safe to say that so far in 2022, we’re seeing almost three years’ worth of Disney World vacations all packed into this year. Plus, it’s the 50th anniversary, which is bringing more and more guests to Walt Disney World to experience the limited-time magic now through early 2023. So, although February was typically a slower month for the Disney theme parks, that isn’t really the case right now.

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