Walt Disney World Tips for Disneyland Regulars


Are you a Disneyland regular making your first trip to Walt Disney World? Here’s our list of top tips for the Florida theme parks!

  1. Planning is necessary! Disneyland is a much more laid-back atmosphere compared to Walt Disney World. At Disneyland, locals and frequent guests often roll up to the parks with hardly anything planned for their day, but at Disney World, it’s quite the opposite. If there are any must-dos for your trip, you should definitely plan in advance!
  2. Expect much more walking. Disney World is way bigger than Disneyland, and you can expect to be walking way more than you would at the West Coast Disney theme parks.
  3. Don’t underestimate the food. Disney World is a major foodie destination, so you’ll want to make time to eat at restaurants and even the EPCOT festival kiosks throughout your trip.
  4. Prepare for crowds and bad weather. You’re basically guaranteed to face major crowds and the occasional storm during your vacation, so pack your patience and a poncho!
  5. Consider staying on property. Walt Disney World offers far more budget-friendly hotel options, and there is a resort that can fit nearly everyone’s budget, whether you want to save money or totally splurge on your trip. Plus, the perks can’t be beat!

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