We Gave Disney Princesses Modern Makeovers 

We Gave Disney Princesses Modern Makeovers 

Shoppable, aspirational, luxurious, and Disney Princess style

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We love Disney Princesses. Their stories are timeless, but their style can feel a bit stuffy by today’s standards. While it’s true that there’s a thin line between classic and dated, we think there’s something to paying homage to beloved characters through reimagining them. So, we gave Disney Princesses modern makeovers!  

Their looks are shoppable, aspirational, luxurious, and (most importantly) on-trend. Whether they inspire your next Disneybound or you simply enjoy seeing Disney princess makeovers come to life, we think you’ll love our take on modern Disney princess style.  

Let’s get into it! 

Modern Disney Princess: Cinderella  

A dream may be a wish your heart makes, but you can manifest the specifics in this baby blue silk dress and black velvet choker. You’ll forget all about Cinderella’s glass slippers in your Mach & Mach crystal-studded pumps, and can keep your prince’s number in your iridescent Chanel mini flap, too! Top your modern Disney princess look off with a sheer pinky gloss from Tower 28, and you’ll be ready for anything you desire! 

Mulan Redefines Modern Disney Princesses 

You’re not one to sit around and wait for things to happen. You have things to do—including saving (or building) an empire. You embrace color, enjoy making a statement, and aren’t afraid to carry a metallic accessory around. Step into this Mulan inspired modern Disney princess look with this asymmetrical red dress, camellia drop earrings, and silver lambskin bag. Top everything off with periwinkle Amina Muaddi sandals and a glowing skin luminizer that makes you bask in your own reflection; you’ll be unstoppable.  

Tiana Gets an Updated Disney Princess Look 

If you’re determined to look as glam as possible, you can’t go wrong with a modern Disney princess look inspired by Tiana! Turn up the temps in the bayou (and beyond) in this crystal embellished Self-Portrait dress, Jimmy Choo heels, and emerald earrings. Add on an impossible-to-score Hermes Mini Kelly and flawless skin tint by Caliray, and you’ll be cooking up attention the second you walk into any room! 

Ariel is a Reimagined Disney Princess 

Everyone will want to be a part of your world when they see you post your Ariel inspired look on the ‘gram. After all, few modern Disney princess-inspired outfits evoke an ‘under the sea’ feel better than this. From the scalloped dress details to the sand dollar inspired diamond earrings to the Chanel mini in the perfect aqua shade, you’ll be ready for anything—including a new start on solid ground.  

Belle is Transformed into a Present-Day Disney Princess  

If you can find a cuter Belle bound than this one, be our guest! We searched everywhere to find the perfect look for one of our favorite Disney princesses, and this modern take on the provincial bookworm checked all the right boxes. The citrus colored Elliatt dress evokes the ballroom scene perfectly, and the Judith Leiber rose clutch references Beauty and the Beast without being kitschy. Dress up further with emerald earrings, Piferi heels, and a perfect rose red gloss for an impeccable evening look. 

Jasmine but Make Her a Gen-Z Disney Princess  

Jasmine’s modern Disney princess makeover offers a whole new world of style! Flawlessly execute her look with this baby blue corset dress from Jamille, embellished mini bag from Dior and chunky gold earrings.  

Top everything off with subtly holographic shift pumps and a burnished cream shadow from Hourglass, and you’ll be ready to jet-set with the best of them—no magic carpet required! 

Making Disney’s Princess Aurora Contemporary 

You’ll feel like you are living once upon a dream in this gorgeous off-the-shoulder pink dress made for woodland strolls! This modern Disney princess look is matched with pearl earrings from Poppy Finch and Jimmy Choo heels to add to the dreamy feel. Perfect for a princess Aurora bound, the mini Chanel bag is an ideal choice. The rose-colored Fenty gloss completes the look and leaves your lips totally kissable—even after a long nap.  

Snow White Gets an Updated Fashion Makeover 

Are you someone who gives too much and deserves to indulge a bit? Have you been through a lot and feel like someone was hellbent on ripping your heart out? Does the phrase ‘an apple a day’ send shivers down your spine? You might need a modern Snow White makeover! Shake up the OG Disney princess look with a dark blue mini dress, heart shaped bag, canary yellow earrings, and red liquid lipstick for an unexpected twist on a classic! 

Rapunzel Gets a Modern-Day Princess Look 

Sometimes you have to let your hair down, and there’s no better way to do that than with a modern Disney princess inspired look—especially if you’re bounding as Rapunzel! Our take deviates from the original—there’s a round Chanel bag instead of a frying pan, rose gold hoops in place of tresses, and a lilac dress that’s decidedly more slinky. But, if you look at the details, they’re Rapunzel through and through! Complete the look with lavender patent mules and glitter from Milk Makeup—you’ll shine inside and out! 

Disney Princess Update: Pocahontas  

Sure, you can paint with the colors of the wind, but have you considered the power of neutrals? This modern Disney princess look inspired by Pocahontas is sleek yet dynamic. The rich tones of the sculpted dress pair perfectly with the leather Fendi clutch, and the opal and turquoise necklace provide balance to the strappy heels. Finish with a glowing sunset colored blush and you’re set! 

A Modern Moana Lookbook  

How far would you go for the perfect Moana inspired fit? What if we told you we had it covered? If you’re looking for the perfect modern Disney inspired look for summer, look no further! Embrace the Aloha vibes in an orange strapless cutout dress, yellow espadrilles, and wicker Prada bag. Top everything off with mother-of-pearl floral earrings and the perfect tinted sunscreen for all your adventures! 

Merida, a Disney Princess with a New Look 

Channel the splendor of the isles of Scotland with a Merida inspired Disney bound. In the ultimate twist on a modern Disney princess, this look has everything you need. Featuring the perfect emerald green velvet bodycon dress, metallic gold accessories, ideal blush for rosy cheeks, and bow and arrow earrings so perfect you’d think we designed them ourselves. It’s a look that inspires us to be bold and brave! 

Share Your Updated Disney Princess Style Opinions 

What do you think of our modern Disney princess looks? Do you have a favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to tag Perfecting the Magic on Instagram and join our weekly newsletter to stay up to date on everything Disney! 

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  1. Ahh this is so cute! I love seeing modern interpretations of Disney princesses. I also love it done with luxurious items and not just kitschy. You can so easily see each of the princesses personalities. I can’t pick a favorite!!

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