We Tried It – Sanaa Table Service to Go Review

We Tried It – Sanaa Table Service to Go Review

We ate Sanaa at home! See our review.

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One of the most popular restaurants at Disney World is offering a chance to enjoy their legendary dishes – to go! Tucked inside the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Sanaa is a cult favorite among Disney World fans with its unique fusion of African and Indian cuisine. Since the restaurant doesn’t have a patio, guests looking for outdoor dining options at Disney World can now include Sanaa as part of their planned meals thanks to the pick up option. The new offering called “Sanaa Table Service To Go” just launched this Friday, so we piled up our mobile food order list and are ready to share our review!



Ordering from Sanaa follows a different app flow than your standard Disney mobile food order. We opened the My Disney Experience app and searched for “Sanaa To Go” after hitting the small search icon.

The app gives you more information about what to expect and allows you to select a pick-up window for your food.



We had no trouble scoring a prime dinner pick-up time. Every time slot from 6 PM to 9 PM was available on Friday evening. The restaurant closes at 9 PM each night, so you’ll need to snag your food before then. We opted for 8:30! 

Like your standard mobile orders, you’ll need to hit the “Prepare My Order” button once you’re ready to eat. This is where the experience feels different! We waited just over 25 minutes for our orders to be ready for pick up after hitting the prepare order button.

Tip: If you’re staying on Disney property, be sure to account for the correct amount of travel time. Animal Kingdom Lodge is a far trek from most other hotels!

Sanaa To Go Table Service - Our Pick Up Arrival Window in My Disney Experience App

Sanaa To Go Food Order.jpg

We walked straight to the Sanna front desk to pick up our order. The host retrieved our food from the kitchen and handed us over a large brown paper bag. The process was extremely quick. Now we’re off to chow down!



The Food

We ordered the Indian-style Bread Service (one of the most popular items on the menu), samosas, salad sampler, and for our entree, the Potjie Inspired Goan Seafood Curry with Vegetables. Everything was well packed and travel friendly. Our curry managed to stay hot through our 30 minute transit time. We ended up needing to reheat both the naan and the samosas.

Each of the dishes managed to hold up to the standard we expect from a top tier Disney restaurant. The bread service wow’ed (as always), and the curry’s flavors were rich and satisfying. The only miss of the evening was the samosas, which were tasty but unmemorable – we found them to be merely on par with a samosa served at any standard Indian restaurant. The salads were a surprise hit, adding fun variety and lightness to an otherwise heavy meal. 

We split the entree and found our selections more than enough food for 2. The price totaled to about $60 after a 10% AP discount. 

Tip: We added 2 glasses of champagne from home to our meal to help make the experience feel incredibly decadent!  

Final Thoughts

If you’re not comfortable dining indoors at Disney World or simply looking for a memorable meal at home, we’d recommend Sanaa To Go pick up! The food is just as delicious as you’d hope, and skipping your typical tip fees makes the meal even more affordable than dining at the restaurant. We love this new Disney restaurant option and hope to see it expand to even more locations soon!

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