Welcome to Disney Perfection!

Welcome to Disney Perfection!

A brief introduction to our humble home and what exactly it means to be Disney Perfection approved!

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Welcome to the Disney Perfection Blog! We’ve spent years mastering the art of planning the absolute perfect trip to Disney for anyone. The goal of this space is to share the knowledge we’ve spent years accruing to make it simple to have a Disney Perfection’ified experience in the parks, at home or even on social media! Don’t worry, we’ll talk all things Disneyland or Walt Disney World too – but with the focus on simply the best of the magic.

Planning a trip to the most magical place on earth shouldn’t be stressful after all!

We’ll share upcoming parks news, food that’s too perfect to miss and even a splash of Disney picture perfect fashion!

Consider this site a one stop shop for the best of the best all things Disney. Be on the lookout for our “DPB certified” stamp. This means you can count on the experience being Disney Perfection Blog approved, streamlining your way to the creme de la creme!

Lastly this is a site of Disney parks positivity! While I commit to being wholly honest about all things Disney related, we also want to spark joy in your heart every time you visit this site. I don’t aim to point out the places where the paint may be chipped or soapbox about controversial Disney decisions.

We’ll continuously iterate on this site based on your feedback so please comment with you’d like to see more of (and what you need less of too!)

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