What’s the Status on the E-Ticket Ride at Avengers Campus?


Wait, there was supposed to be another ride at Avengers Campus? Here’s the scoop.

At the D23 Expo in 2019, Disney unveiled all of the spectacular plans for Avengers Campus, the Marvel-themed land at Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort. One of these attractions was going to be a new, highly advanced E-ticket attraction that had guests board a Quinjet to Wakanda and fight alongside the Avengers. Sounds pretty epic, right? We think so, too!

Well, the pandemic really threw Disney’s plans for a loop, and several of Disney’s previously planned projects were put on hold, this ride included. For a while, it was unclear if this new Avengers ride would be canceled — but recently, Disney CEO Bob Chapek gave an update.

Chapek shared that this attraction is in a “holding pattern” right now, but he did not say it was canceled completely. So, it seems that we have to wait and see what happens!

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