Disney Princesses in Cosplay at D23 Expo in Anaheim

Why We’re Excited for D23 Expo 

Why We’re Excited for D23 Expo 

This highly anticipated event is just days away
Disney Princesses in Cosplay at D23 Expo in Anaheim

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D23 Expo is right around the corner, and we can’t stop thinking about it. The event is highly anticipated, and since 2022 marks the first D23 Expo in three years, we’re not surprised it’s so popular. While this convention is amazing for diehard Disfans, it can be difficult to know what to expect if you’re a first timer. Not to worry though, that’s where PTM comes in. 

Let’s jump into some basics, to get us started! 

When is D23 Expo?  

This year’s convention will take place from September 9th-11th 2022 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and we can’t wait to attend. 

What is D23 Expo?  

If you think the Disney parks are the ultimate Disney destinations, think again. Typically held every two years, D23 Expo is dubbed the “Ultimate Disney Fan Event,” and for good reason. It’s a convention held by Disney specifically for Disney fans, where we can gather together and share our passion for all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney parks, animation, and so much more. The Expo is an event where the Walt Disney Company announces new media, reveals plans for Disney theme parks, honors notables in Disney entertainment, and more. It’s a huge deal, and it’s no wonder the event has completely sold out already.  

With that out of the way, let’s get into all the reasons we’re excited for D23 Expo! 

100 Years of Disney 

Next year will mark 100 years of The Walt Disney Company. Can you believe it? The Disney stories and magic we cherish would have never been brought to life had it not been for The Walt Disney Company. And because D23 Expo is usually only held every other year, we expect this year’s expo will bring a lot of excitement to get fans ready for the company’s 100-year celebration in 2023.  

Disney officially announced that the 100-year celebration of The Walt Disney Company — officially called Disney100 — will kick off at D23 Expo with the Disney Legends ceremony. This epic opening event will stream live and feature amazing musical performances, special guests, and surprises in typical D23 Expo fashion. You can find more info in D23’s official announcement here

Special Announcements at D23 

Speaking of surprises, the special announcements are part of the reason we love D23 Expo so much. It is pretty much guaranteed that Disney will make special announcements throughout the weekend. Fans look forward to learning what Disney has in store for the parks, movies, and more. In the past, Disney has announced a variety of film and TV projects, plans for the theme parks, and much, much more at D23 Expo, and we think the 2022 event will make up for lost time. 

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one other thing regarding special announcements. We’re super excited to learn about what Disney has planned for the theme parks and resorts around the world, the Disney+ streaming service, the Marvel Cinematic Universe — the list goes on. But, we also think it’s important to manage expectations. We expect to learn a lot, but we also know that Disney doesn’t like to give everything away at D23 Expo. For example, even though we’ve been wishing for an announcement for a massive Tomorrowland overhaul coming to Disneyland in California, it’s much more realistic that we’ll get the opening date for Tron Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom in Florida. Still, this is just our speculation. We hope we’re wowed and leave D23 Expo completely blown away by what we learn! 

Find the complete D23 Expo schedule — including the panels during which the special announcements will be made — on the official website here

Disney Cosplayers at D23 

Cosplayers thrive at conventions, and D23 Expo is no exception. Disney fans go all out at D23. Fashion, costuming, and cosplay are unique and artistic ways for fans to express their interests, passions, and love for Disney. We love seeing what Disney enthusiasts create for the Expo. Take a look at this video from the 2019 D23 Expo to see what we mean.   

Even if you’re not into dressing up, you can still enjoy the epic costumes that Disney fans put together for the event. Many of the cosplay outfits are incredibly creative and unique, and if there’s a Disney character, theme, or even audio-animatronic that you never thought you’d see in cosplay form, you will probably run into a Disney cosplayer dressed to impress as your fav at D23.  

The Vibes and Disney Magic 

Above all, we love the D23 vibes. The D23 Expo is the world’s largest gathering of diehard Disney fans, and the energy at this convention is absolutely fantastic. There is nothing like being surrounded by people who love Disney as much as we do. We’re firm believers that true Disney magic is felt in the little moments of every day; in those bite-sized doses of pixie dust that remind us that everything is going to be okay. And at D23 Expo, a convention full of life and good Disney vibes, the magic is palpable.  

Simply put, D23 Expo is a convention for Disney fans. But to us and so many others, it’s a place where we can just be ourselves, share our love for magical things, embrace our Disney side, and get excited about the things that make us the happiest. That’s why we’re so excited for this year’s D23 Expo. We hope we see you there, too! 

D23 Expo Navigation Tips 

But, before we go, we want to leave you with some navigation tips.  

Check out this full guide to D23 Expo 2022 — this will tell you everything you should know before heading to the Anaheim Convention Center in September.  

We also recommend watching the video below for advice on making your D23 Expo experience go smoothly.  

Finally, check out the official website for D23 Expo here.  

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