Your Perfect Disney Playlist: Quarantine Edition

Your Perfect Disney Playlist: Quarantine Edition

So you’re craving the Disney magic at home? We’re serving up Disney Perfection homebrewed playlists that deliver guaranteed joy.

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Stuck inside and craving the Disney magic at home? We know quarantine has us jonesing for the parks like whoa. Never fear! We’ve got a fresh crop of Disney playlists rounded up to brighten your day. Warning: these playlists may induce day drinking and excessive joy.

Music to work to!

Find the absolute perfect Disney music for the work day. This mix is 100% instrumental and distraction free to keep you in flow. But don’t worry we left the fun! Find lots of parks esplanade music mixed with some surprise gems we dug up!

music to drink to!

Okay so maybe we can’t run to the Star Wars Cantina on a Friday night…heck at this point we’d even settle for our neighborhood dive bar. But you CAN make yourself a cocktail and crank the sounds of Oga’s Cantina tonight! Galaxy’s Edge is still within (aural) reach with this playlist!

Music to tan to!

We’re hoping wherever you are is warming up and bringing you beautiful sunny weather. Are you even one of those lucky ducks who has a pool?! Even if none of the above are true you we’ve got a playlist that is guaranteed to make you feel the sun with Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar vibes! Consider this your perfect tunes to tan, float and relax to!

What playlists would you like to see Disney Perfection take on next? Toss us a request in the comments below!

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