Your 2022 Guide to Halloween Treats at Magic Kingdom  

Your 2022 Guide to Halloween Treats at Magic Kingdom  

We dig into everything dining and snacks with a roundup that will leave you excited to celebrate

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At Walt Disney World, the spooky season begins conjuring up its ghoulish delights in August. However, for most of us mere mortals the Halloween bug doesn’t really bite until after Labor Day. But, when it hits us, it hits hard, and we shift from pixie dust to pumpkin spice in the blink of an eye. This is why we’re launching our Halloween treat guide to Magic Kingdom this week.  

Join PTM as we dig into everything dining and snacks with a roundup that will leave you inspired and excited to celebrate the Halloween season at Magic Kingdom, one treat at a time! 

Magic Kingdom’s Halloween Snacks 

We can always count on Magic Kingdom to offer the largest variety of seasonal treats at Walt Disney World. Still, those treats are often exclusive to ticketed events, so we get pretty excited for the Halloween food that’s available during Magic Kingdom’s regular park hours. This year is no exception.  

Let’s jump into the options! 

Candy Corn Soft Serve and Kiwi Foam 

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies offers a Sweet Candy Corn Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone with sweetened corn and vanilla flavors swirled together, topped with a candy corn bow. It tastes quite a bit like corn, so if you like trying something new, it might be worth checking out.  

Over at Casey’s Corner, you can find two options that are available during regular park hours—the first is the Pain and Panic Hot Dog, which is an all-beef hot dog topped with sweet and spicy onion relish, siracha mustard, and spicy cheese flavored snacks (think hot Cheetos). The other is the Black Tea Slushy, called Winifred’s Elixir of Youth, which features kiwi foam and a Winifred-themed chocolate medallion. If you’re into messy hot dogs, or love the idea of a kiwi foam, you should stop by Casey’s on your next visit to Magic Kingdom.  

Twists on Classic Eats 

The Cheshire Café gave its classic Cheshire Cat Tail a Halloween makeover this year with its Binx Pastry Tail offering. The dark chocolate drizzled pastry is as good as its predecessor, and the Binx chocolate that adorns the top makes it all the cuter. If you aren’t craving chocolate check out the café’s Cold Witches Brew Coffee, made with French vanilla cold brew, pumpkin spice foam, and Halloween sprinkles.  

Over at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café, you can find a savory burger that’s received raves within the Disney community. The Bayou Burger, featuring an all-beef patty, jalapeno pimento cheese, crispy andouille sausage, and garlic pickles, is a rare burger hit for Magic Kingdom, and seems to be worth ordering. 

The Sweetest Stuff 

If you only have eyes for sweets, you’ll want to try the Oh, My Gourd Cupcake from the Main Street Bakery. It’s pumpkin spice flavored, and features a decadent cinnamon cream cheese icing that gives it total carrot cake vibes. It sounds like a winner to us! 

If you’re craving a churro, be sure to stop by the Snack Cart by Cinderella Castle, as it’s offering an M&M’s Peanut Butter Churro rolled in peanut dust, peanut butter sauce, chocolate, and peanut butter M&Ms. If you’re looking for over the top sweet and love a seasonal churro, you might want to check it out. 

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, a PTM fave, offers a Chilling Chamber Pop of chocolate crumbs, cherry buttercream, dark chocolate pearls, and a Tightrope Walker chocolate piece. It’s essentially a push pop made of cake, and since it’s Haunted Mansion themed, we’re all the more excited to try it. 

All Season Long 

All of the seasonal food offerings listed above are also available during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. So, if you’re only visiting Walt Disney World for the event, you won’t miss out on any of the treats that spark your interest. However, with everything, there must be an exception. The Liberty Square Market only offers its Monster Cookie, a sugar cookie with candy eyes and sprinkles, during regular park hours. We can’t say we’re devastated. There are better treats to try during the Halloween season, and we don’t think you’ll miss it. 

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Party Treats 

Disney fans look forward to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party year after year. Part of the anticipation is tied to the exclusive treats.  

Let’s look into the 2022 offerings! 

Milkshakes and Funnel Cakes 

Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies is offering the Not-So-Poison Apple Pie Milk Shake this year. The green apple shake is topped with whipped cream, a sour apple marshmallow straw, cinnamon donuts, and a poison apple topper. It’s IG and TikTok-friendly and sounds like a perfect tart treat to enjoy on a balmy evening in the park.  

If you’d like a different kind of shake you should head over to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments for their Grave Digger Milk Shake, made of coconut and matcha blended ice cream. It’s topped with whipped cream, a grave digger shovel, and a chocolate gravestone. It all sounds grim, making it perfect for Halloween.  

If you’d like to skip a dairy-forward treat, Sleepy Hollow also offers the Worms and Dirt Funnel Cake, topped with chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookie crumbs, gummy worms, and a decorative chocolate piece. We love a Sleepy Hollow funnel cake, and this one sounds divine.  

Savory Spooks and Scares 

If you’re craving something a bit meatier, go to The Friar’s Nook for a Hades Hot Dog, made of spicy beef and pork, and topped with relish and house-made violet mustard! If that doesn’t speak to your spirit, then perhaps the Un Poco Loco Tots, topped with chorizo sausage, green onions, and spicy cheese sauce, will fit the bill! 

Looking for something with a bit more kick? The Golden Oak Outpost offers a Spellbinding Fried Pie, stuffed with buffalo chicken, melty mozzarella, and blue cheese, wrapped in a flaky pastry dough that’s deep fried before receiving a drizzle of jalapeno ranch aioli and candy eye detail. We look forward to trying it soon! 

Spine-tinglingly Sweet 

If nothing but a cool sweet treat will do, then the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor’s Monster Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich might be the thing for you. While we think there are better treats to be had this year, it’s nice to see something with universal appeal.  

If you’re feeling more adventurous, then Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café is worth stopping into. Its Sweet Almond Corn Cake is brand new this year, and features a delicate cake dipped in colorful icings and candy corn.  

Craving Chocolate? The Popcorn Cart next to Cinderella Castle offers a brand-new Mexican Spiced Hot “CoCo” inspired brownie made of spiced dark chocolate and ganache. We love a little heat with sweet, so we think this one is worth checking out. 

If you’re craving that Chilling Chamber Pop we mentioned earlier, you can also score it at the Ice Cream Cart near Haunted Mansion, which is helpful information for when the lines get long. 

If you’re looking to cool down, we recommend making a beeline to Sunshine Tree Terrace for a Jack-O-Lantern Float. It’s made with Citrus Swirl, Fanta Orange soda, and brown sugar whipped cream. While team PTM is divided on the Dole Whip vs. Citrus Swirl debate, we all agree that this treat sounds dreadfully good! 

Not-So-Scary Foodie Merch  

We can’t close out a Walt Disney World Halloween treat guide without talking about some merch! Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party offers exclusive foodie merch. If you’re attending the party, you’ll need to know about the limited-edition sippers and popcorn buckets that people go wild for.  

This year, you will be able to find a Zero Popcorn Bucket throughout the park and a Halloween Candy Glow Cube at Sunshine Tree Terrace during any of the party nights in Magic Kingdom. 

If you’re skipping Mickey’s Not-So-Scary this year, you’ll be able to pick up a Glow Mummy Mickey Popcorn Bucket throughout the park and (starting this October) a Donald Duck Candy Corn Sipper. It’s nice to know Disney is offering collectable options throughout the season, regardless of ticket type. 

Halloween at Walt Disney World is in full swing and we can’t wait to try our next seasonal snack! What will make your list? 

Perfecting the Magic lives for the holiday season at Disney. We love everything, from the food and atmosphere to the décor. We create guides with you in mind, so leave us a comment and let us know what you’d like to see from us in the future.  

PTM All Season Long 

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