Beat the Heat this Summer in Walt Disney World

Beat the Heat this Summer in Walt Disney World

How to stay cool when the temps in Orlando are soaring

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Beat the Heat this Summer Disney World 2021

Summer is the undoubtedly most popular time to visit Walt Disney World! With breaks from school, easier travel, and access to the water parks and other seasonal attractions, many people choose to go to Walt Disney World in the summer due to convenience. 

One thing that’s not convenient about a WDW summer? The heat. From June to August Orlando reaches an average high temperature of 90° and with the humidity it can feel even hotter than that. Don’t fear, the heat can only ruin your summer Disney trip if you let it. Follow our tips for beating the heat this summer at Walt Disney World!

Drink Water

Tips to Help you Beat the Summer Heat in Walt Disney World: Look for water fountains throughout the park to stay hydrated!

This one may seem obvious but its first on our list because it is the most important! In the hustle and bustle of a Disney vacation it is easy to forget to drink water. According to Harvard, hydration is crucial to regulating your body temperature and staying cool. Experts recommend a daily average of 11 cups for women and 16 for men! That can be hard to do when you’re rushing from one WDW land to the next. We recommend traveling with a reusable water bottle when you visit the parks. Any food service location at Walt Disney World will give you a free cup of water which you can use to fill your bottle. There are also water fountains and bottle filling stations to help you stay hydrated all day!

Pack a Misting Fan and Cooling Towel

If you plan to stay cool in the parks from June-August you’re going to need to pack some additional accessories! A misting fan and a cooling towel are must-have items for any summer vacation at WDW. Both of these items will help you keep cool in the Florida heat. You can purchase a fan or a towel on Disney property (a testament to how needed they are), but we recommend bringing your own to save some money. Make sure both are small enough or your bag is big enough to take them with you into the park! 


Cooling Towel 4 Pack

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Portable Fan

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Dress for the Heat

If you’re spending this summer at Disney World, then you need to be prepared to walk miles in the 90° Florida heat and that means dressing appropriately. Dressing appropriately doesn’t mean you can’t still be fashionable- we are all about chic Disney after all! But when visiting in the summer months make sure you plan your looks accordingly. This means staying away from heavy fabric like denim and opting for bike shorts or a dress instead. These Mickey Bike Shorts and this Mickey Button Up Dress are perfect pieces for staying cool but cute in the parks.

mickeydress (1).JPG

Disney Mickey Mouse Button-Front Dress

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Mickey Mouse Biker Shorts

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Now don’t forget about head wear! One of the best ways to stay cool is to keep your head cool! Try a Love Your Melon Disney or Marvel hat to keep the sun off your face. If hats aren’t your style, then we would recommend wearing your hair up and keeping it off your neck so you don’t get extra hot. Low space buns or high mickey buns are fun hairdos for keeping cool.

Visit Early and Late, Plus Take a Break! 

If you really want to try and avoid the heat at WDW then you should plan to rope drop the parks. The mornings will be cooler than the afternoon so you will be able to get in some rides before it gets too hot. When the temperatures do creep up toward the 90s then go back to your hotel and take a mid-day pool break! If you are staying on Disney property then your room probably isn’t cheap, so get the most out of your money and spend the afternoon at the pool. All of Disney’s resorts have well themed pools with awesome pool side bars. Once you’ve cooled off and the outside temperature has too, then head back to the parks in the evening. 

Taking a break in the middle of the day is one of our favorite ways to cool down during a summer Disney vacation

Plan Your Water Rides

Don’t ride Splash Mountain first thing in the morning! Instead, wait until an hour or so before the highest temperatures of the day then jump in line for Splash Mountain or any other water ride. By time you get off you will be refreshed and ready for the hottest part of the day. 

Planning your water rides will help you beat the in hot summer months in Disney World

Take a Break in the AC 

Disney vacations don’t have to be go, go, go all the time. When the temperatures are really hot out, slow down and take a break. There are plenty of spots to take a break in the air conditioning at Walt Disney World. Plan a meal inside for a nice break from the sun or go on a longer indoor ride such as The Carousel of Progress when it’s just too hot to be outside. Shows are a really good way to beat the heat as well and some, like The Festival of the Lion King, are returning! If you need a quick escape from the sun step into a store or even a restroom for a few minutes of AC.

Take advantage of long indoor rides or shows to cool off midday during your summer Disney visit

If you’re having a hard time wearing your mask in the heat this summer make sure to visit a relaxation station where you can take a break and take your mask off. Currently, this is the only place you can take your mask off unless actively eating or drinking while stationary. 

Grab a Cold Snack

Tips to beat the summer heat in Disney World: Grab cold snacks throughout the day

The most delicious way to beat the heat is to grab a cold snack! There are spots to get ice cream, dole whip, iced coffee, milkshakes, and other cool snacks all around the park. Just be careful not to go overboard and get a brain freeze! 

Water Parks

Disney’s water parks are often overlooked but they are a great, maybe even the best, way to beat the heat in the summer! Right now, only Blizzard Beach is open while Typhoon Lagoon remains closed due to Covid-19. If there is time in your schedule, make sure to pencil in a day at the water parks! 

Visiting the water parks is one of the best ways to stay cool in the hot summer months at Walt Disney World

Those are our top tips for beating the heat at Walt Disney World! Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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