Gifting the Magic: Facebook’s Disney Gifting Group

Gifting the Magic: Facebook’s Disney Gifting Group

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My love language has always been gift-giving. It’s not always something tangible, as a writer I love writing letters to folks, but it’s always been a self-love habit of mine. The pandemic has all but erased my ability to do that in person. So, on top of not being able to travel or spend time with my loved ones, my love language is struggling along. 

And then I discovered Facebook gifting groups. 

Of the ones I’ve discovered, Disney Wishlist Giving has been a blessing I didn’t know I needed. This group of internet friends from all over the country was brought together because of their love of Disney and blessing one another. Without being able to adventure the Disney parks, this group gives us an opportunity to drop a little pixie dust for one another in the middle of a not-so-magical time. 


We each put together lists on Amazon, the Disney Store or BoxLunch with Disney inspired things and then we share them with one another to send out gifts. It sounds a little silly, but there’s honestly so much hurt in the world right now that it makes it feel a little less lonely. 

Last week I had a horrible day. My heart was aching so I posted in the group asking for lists. I love to browse through them to grow my own or share some pixie dust. I sent out a bunch of gifts and then, a few days later, discovered that a bunch of folks sent me gifts as well. Not only did I feel so much better after sending a little magic all over the country, but my fellow group mates also made me feel so loved.   

Sometimes there are games or special events to bring us together, we ask one another questions or share our magical mail to thank the gifter. My favorite thread so far has been sharing our favorite Disney memes (here’s mine.) Gifting groups aren’t about greed, they’re about giving. My favorite gifts have been for members’ children, especially in a pandemic when birthdays aren’t what they should be. 


I started a little collection of $5 and under Golden Books for my future kids thanks to lists my new friends created. I’ve been collecting little gifts for friends, my doggie, and creating a dream list to transform my less-than-magical kitchen. 

As TikTok has reminded me all too often, the general public thinks Disney adults are pretty bizarre. To be fair, we probably are which doesn’t bother me at all. We are people that believe the world could stand to be a little more magical, hopeful, or fun. We cover ourselves in mouse ears, cartoony tattoos, or Walt iconography because we love it.  

We wholeheartedly embrace Walt’s wise words: “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.”


These group mates are folks I’ll probably never see or meet in real life (except for the friends I’ve invited to join) and that doesn’t make any difference. We’re getting to know one another while simultaneously lifting each other up, gifts or no gifts. Whether we have good days or bad, this little Disney family brings out the best in each other. If you’re in need of a little giving magic, find yourself a gifting group and spread your pixie dust far and wide–you won’t regret it.

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