The Best Disney Merch You Can Buy on Amazon 

The Best Disney Merch You Can Buy on Amazon 

22 Disney finds you can buy on Amazon today

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Sometimes you need a Disney merchandise fix, and your next trip to Disney is months away. Sure, you have access to Shop Disney, but who wants to pay for shipping every time? Not us! Not You! Even if you have the best of Disney shopping right in your backyard, sometimes buying from Amazon at 2 am just feels right! 

Did you know there are a ton of amazing sleeper Disney picks on Amazon just waiting for you to discover them? There are! From sold-out faves from the parks themselves to unique pieces you haven’t seen, we’re rounding up 22 Disney finds you can buy on Amazon today. 

So, get that Prime membership ready; you’ll want these ASAP! 

The Disney Kitchen Merch You Need from Amazon 

These 3D espresso cups make us excited to get up in the morning! The elegant cups are made of glass, and the double insulated layers keep your coffee hot and your hands cool. Something about the design transports us to Disney’s Rivera Resort, and we’re here for it! 

If espresso isn’t your thing, or you prefer a latte, tea, or hot chocolate in the morning, these double-layered dual-sided coffee mugs are perfect. The cups are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe and feature Borosilicate glass. The glasses are handmade and come with a 12-month guarantee so you can rest easy before your morning dose of caffeine. 

While we’re talking coffee, did you know you can buy Joffrey’s Coffee on Amazon? You can! This artisan dark roast Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary blend is sold in the parks, and we’re so happy to find it available to ship to us with a click of a button! We love a whole bean vibe, and the eco-sourced offering is an ideal choice. 

This ceramic Winnie the Pooh soap dispenser reminds us of a beehive, and the neutral color scheme keeps it subtle. It would be the perfect choice to add a touch of Disney to any bathroom or kitchen, and the acacia wood lid and metal pump ensure that it’s a sustainable choice that should last for years to come. 

This Death Star ice cube mold is perfect for any Star Wars fan. Just imagine upgrading your drinks with these! The 100% silicone mold uses a tiny funnel to fill the mold, and thanks to the two-park design, it pops out with ease. We can’t wait to throw a summer party just so we can use these cubes! 

Speaking of ice, are you as obsessed with ‘good ice’ as we are? Ultra-crunchy ice that fills the glass and makes everything look better gets us every time. This crushed ice silicon mickey ice tray looks like it will create perfect results, and the varying head sizes add an aesthetic element that we can’t wait to incorporate into our summer drinks! 

Speaking of summer—catch us throwing tapas dinners and balmy brunches with this 8-pack of Mickey Mouse appetizer plates. The glass plates are from Corelle, a brand known for being easy to clean and difficult to break. They’re made in New York and are dishwasher and microwave safe, but beyond that, they’re just plain cute! We love seeing the Mickey designs throughout the years, and the bold colors make them a standout.  

While we’re talking about brunch, waffles, anyone? There’s something about Mickey-shaped treats that just taste better, and this Mickey Mouse double flip waffle maker creates three mini waffles at once! Pour in your favorite waffle mix batter, and you’ll be well on your way to one of the cutest breakfasts on earth! 

Our Vibe Setting Disney Faves from Amazon 

If filling your home with the sweet smell of Mickey waffles isn’t enough, how about picking up with an EPCOT-inspired churro-scented candle? Bring yourself back to sun-soaked days walking around the Mexico pavilion with this hand-poured 100% soy offering that will make you crave a margarita and a ride around Gran Fiesta Tour in no time! 

Our second candle recommendation is this Mickey candle with lid. We love the simplicity of the 3-wick design, and the natural wood and ceramic vibes make it perfectly neutral for almost all home décor styles. This one is churro-scented like our last recommendation, and we’re not mad about it. There’s just something about the iconic Disney scent that we keep coming back to, and this fan-favorite is sure to be a hit with any Disney fan! 

Cozy Disney Finds from Amazon 

While we’re on the topic of chill vibes at home, you have to check out the Disney blankets offered by the Barefoot Dreams store on Amazon! Featuring everything from Star Wars to Dumbo to Princesses and Mickey Mouse, Barefoot Dreams is a brand known for creating some of the softest blankets you’ve ever felt. We’re partial to this Bambi throw blanket and think it would make for an ideal gift—that is, if you can part from it yourself! 

Speaking of Barefoot Dreams, this subtle Disney Frozen-inspired robe feels like a great option for anyone who loves to get cozy. The baby blue and icy white hues perfectly evoke an ice queen look without being too in your face. It’s often difficult to find subtle Frozen merch, so we’re thrilled to see this available on Amazon! 

If you’re feeling the Disney throw blanket vibes but are mindful of your budget, this Disney princess throw blanket might fit the bill! It features Snow White, Aurora, and Cinderella with little crowns, slippers, and apples scattered throughout. It’s machine washable, too, which we’re always here for. 

The Best Disney Coffee Table Books on Amazon 

Lounging around at home is always better with a good book, and we have three coffee table books for you to consider. The first is this Disneyland book by Taschen. Featuring OG Disneyland designs, stories, maps, and interviews, it is the ultimate choice for Disneyland fans! Pro tip: take the slipcover off, and you’ll find a gorgeous vintage vibe that will serve as décor all on its own! 

Our second coffee table book pick sends us over to Walt Disney World, where they’re celebrating its 50th anniversary. Dig into 50 years of history and magic with amazing photos and stories of a park created out of love and loyalty between two brothers. You’ll find yourself immersed in the ‘world’ Walt dreamed of and Roy Disney made come true! It doesn’t hurt that the cover art is spectacularly stunning either, as it makes for a beautiful décor piece. 

Speaking of art, our third (and final) coffee table book pick comes from John Canemaker and explores the art of Mary Blair. Blair, the artist behind It’s a Small World, the mural in Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and the concept art behind everything from Alice in Wonderland to Peter Pan, changed the style of Disney during her time working with them. Her genius is reflected in her work and you’ll find yourself lost in her designs. Anyone who flips through it will too! 

Disney Amazon Picks for Your Office 

If you love the work that inspired the Disney rides you love, you’ll adore these real Disney patent prints that you can frame and use as art in your home. They’re the perfect talking piece and never scream Disney, even though they couldn’t be more classic Disney if they tried. We love this 11X 14” Pirates of the Caribbean patent print and think it would be great in an office!  

Speaking of offices—it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated during your workday, but this C-3PO insulated water bottle makes it harder to ignore. With its sleek design, 25-ounce capacity, and thermal regulation, its sure to keep your drinks hydrated for hours. In fact, cold drinks stay cold for 11 hours, and iced drinks can stay cold for up to 36! While the stunning metallic design drew us in, the function keeps us going back for more sips! 

The Disney Accessories You Need from Amazon 

Continuing the metallic trend, these silver Mickey crystal birthstone earrings are such a cute way to show your love of the mouse! You can choose to rep your birth month by buying the coordinating color, or choose a color that speaks to you. We’re partial to the blues and purples and think you can’t go wrong, no matter what you pick! 

Rounding out the mouse theme, we’re letting Minnie have the stage! These cute metallic Minnie Mouse claw clips are perfect for pulling your hair out of your face on a hot day. We love that they come in two sizes and think they’ll work perfectly for different hair lengths and styles! 

While we’re on the subject of keeping cool, how about this Doctor Strange Hand Fan? This UV-light activated bamboo and fabric fan is sturdy enough to whip around without concern, and the eye-catching design is sure to turn heads! 

Closing out our Disney Amazon picks is this stunning Marvel-inspired cosmetic brush set! We love the tiny details and think they’d be perfect on any vanity table display. The cruelty-free synthetic fibers provide perfectly blended results while ensuring that your skin is never irritated from scratchy brushes again. The handles are uniquely designed, making them perfect for telling apart. These brushes are beyond giftable, and we think Marvel fans will love them! 

Share Your Favorites 

Did you find anything you loved? Share your faves with us on socials so we can learn more about what you like and what you’d like to see. We’re always bringing in new content and love connecting with you on Instagram and TikTok! We can’t wait to see your picks! 

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