spiderman disneybound outfit at avengers campus

Spider-Man DisneyBound: Our Favorite Clothing and Accessories

Spider-Man DisneyBound: Our Favorite Clothing and Accessories

Put together the perfect Spider-Man DisneyBound without breaking the bank.
spiderman disneybound outfit at avengers campus

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We may not be able to sling webs like Spider-Man, but we can put together a fantastic DisneyBound fit for any occasion! Whether we’re heading to the theme parks or the movie theater, we love showcasing our signature style and taking inspiration from our favorite Disney characters to put together amazing (and achievable!) looks. 

With “Spider-Man: No Way Home” finally hitting theaters, we’re sharing all of our favorite products and sharing with you how to put together the perfect Spider-Man DisneyBound without breaking the bank!

Keep reading for all the details and follow us on our socials for more tips on navigating the parks — and every day — in style. 

Getting Started with Your Spider-Man Outfit Inspiration

Whether this is your first time putting together a Marvel DisneyBound or you’re a fandom fashion icon, we break down the DisneyBound process in just a few simple steps in our latest YouTube video

Spoiler alert: it’s way easier than you think! It doesn’t take much to add a punch of superhero style to any look. Find our tips for your own Spider-Man DisneyBound below!

Our Favorite Products for a Spider-Man DisneyBound

Okay, now for the fun part! Whether you want to purchase an entirely new outfit inspired by Spider-Man or you’re looking for some accessories to take your look to the next level, we’ve got you covered. Many of these were included in our video above, and we’ve added some similar products to give you options. No matter what you go with, we’re sure you’ll look fab!


We often go with a dress when selecting the base for a Spider-Man DisneyBound. It may not be the most obvious choice, but here, we’re all about incorporating chic and edgy vibes into our outfits. 

spiderman disneybound
womens spider-man disneybound outfit inspiration

This is when a vibrant mini dress is our go-to. There are so many options out there, but we love a high neckline and color-blocking, as it reminds us of a Spidey-Suit. Our holy-grail tip? Pay attention to textures and patterns, in addition to colors — these can help your outfit feel a bit more like the character’s style, especially when you’re DisneyBounding as a superhero like Spider-Man.

The Ronny Kobo Cobalt Mirielle Dress and the Blue & Red Princess Panel Polo Dress are two of our favorites. 


Layering is your best friend when you’re adding color and dimension to your DisneyBound look. To add a bit of a casual vibe to your Spider-Man-inspired outfit, you can’t go wrong with a cardigan. And trust us — if you don’t already have a simple red cardigan in your closet, you won’t regret buying one for this Spidey look. In our experience, a flowy cardigan has topped many of our most stylish DisneyBound outfits, especially those inspired by the Avengers heroes. #CardiCape!

spider-man disneybound
spider-man disneybound

The hooded Musterbrand RED Star Wars Sith Apprentice Cardigan is a staple in our wardrobe, but we’ve linked a couple of other options on Amazon, too. Try this one or this one, both priced at under $40 and perfect for an effortlessly stylish ensemble.


We always add a chic handbag to our Marvel looks for a night at the cinema or a day at Avengers Campus. Take a look at the color and patterns you’ve incorporated into your look before deciding on which bag to use. Maybe you’re going for something a bit more minimal, like this faux-leather cross-body clutch with gold hardware, or perhaps you’re going for something with a more obvious Spidey touch like this tote? Either way, don’t be afraid to make it your own.

spiderman disneybound accessories

You could add a matching face mask to make this outfit even more practical for the pandemic era, too. After all, the best Disney fashionistas strategically style their most essential accessories with ease. 

Jewelry and Other Accessories

Finally, it’s time to finalize the look by adding some jewelry. This is often our favorite part of putting together a DisneyBound. Jewelry can elevate your look and showcase more of the character’s style. 

womens spiderman accessories for disneybound

When dressing in an outfit inspired by Spider-Man, you can’t go wrong with some silver spider jewelry — but in true Perfecting the Magic style, we’ve got to make it chic. This cuff bracelet, inspired by a web, pays homage to our favorite hero’s unique abilities.

Kick your look up a notch by adding a fun spider necklace, like this one or this one. Admittedly, layering spider-themed jewelry may feel a bit kitschy in everyday life, but for a Peter Parker-inspired look, we’re all about it!

disneybounding accessories for spiderman necklace

As a bonus, get these Tony Stark sunglasses — trust us, you need them. Anytime we can pay tribute to our guy Iron Man, we will. (Plus, are these not the most incredible accessory ever?) No Affiliation, just adoration! We can’t get over them. 

womens sunglasses spiderman disneybound

We hope our tips have inspired you, and we can’t wait to see your Spidey Style. 

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