Interview with Leslie Kay: The DisneyBound Creator

Interview with Leslie Kay: The DisneyBound Creator

The DisneyBound obsession is real! We sit down with bounding creator Leslie Kay to talk about her new book.

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Image Credit: Leslie Kay/Disney

Image Credit: Leslie Kay/Disney

We just can’t get enough of DisneyBounding! With the release of the new book, DisneyBound: Dress Disney and Make It Fashion (available for purchase now)there are even more reasons than ever to talk about the popular styling trend! Never heard of it? “Bounding” is the concept of creating fashion outfits inspired by Disney characters. 

We sat down with the creator of the trend herself, Leslie Kay, to talk the book, bounding, and fashion!   

Image Credit: Leslie Kay

Image Credit: Leslie Kay

What inspired you to write DisneyBound: Dress Disney and Make It Fashion? Tell us a bit about the process of creating it!  

I’ve always thought it would be a lot of fun to put all of this content into written form—so when Disney approached me with the idea for this project, I couldn’t say no. It was a deep dive into all the ways that you could Disneybound and how to specifically do it. But most importantly, the team wanted to make sure we had a well-rounded representation of the massive community of Disney bounders out there. If we could’ve made this book a million pages long to fit in the entire community, we would’ve. They are amazing and what really makes Disney bounding a success.  

Tell us more about the book – would you recommend it for new DisneyBounders or veterans? 

A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B. I think new Disney bounders will really take away more than veterans but like anything, there’s always something new to learn. 

In the book, you share that bounding on a budget is possible – what are your tips for keeping it affordable?

My main tip would be to look in your closet and see what characters are already there. Perhaps your blue shirt and white denim pants were just clothing items before…but with the addition of a red bow…suddenly you have Donald Duck! My other tip would be to not stress yourself out over “perfecting” your look. Not every Disneybound has to be over the top. Me myself, I actually prefer wearing the subtle ones. I find when I go more subtle, I’m able to keep costs down (if I purchase anything at all). Thrift stores are also an affordable way of shopping for something new. Someone’s gently worn clothing may be your next perfect Disneybound, waiting to be found!


What sets apart a good bound from a perfect one?

If you feel comfortable wearing it and you feel great about what you’ve pulled together, then I would say that’s a perfect bound for you! Everyone’s style is different so it’s impossible to categorize what a perfect bound may be. What works for one person may not work for another.

We’ve seen designers from across the globe draw inspiration from Disney princesses and characters. Any favorite collections?

My personal favs would have to be the Local Heroes x Disney collection and Cakeworthy puts out some very cute Disney Princess items (but I might be a little biased).  I also love Rock Love jewelry and Loungefly bags for anyone interested in accessories. 

In the past few years, there’s been a swell in the popularity of Dapper Days at the parks. What are your thoughts on the joining of DisneyBounds with vintage Dapper Day style?

Dapper Day is such a great event that pulls together so many fashion and Disney fans from all different walks of life. Disneybounding is not at all a mandatory detail of the event, but if Disneybounding is part of your world, I think it can be pretty fun to find ways to combine the two! 

Let us in on your favorite DisneyBound of all time! 

My answer changes weekly for this question. I’d say my favourite right now is Orange Bird…the little citrusy bird mascot for the Sunshine Tree Terrace at Walt Disney World. I love his bright summery orange and yellow tones and the pop of green that you can play with. 

We’ve read your thoughts that DisneyBounds can be a great personal expression of style – what advice do you have for someone trying to hone in on their own unique style? 

Play around with as many styles as possible! Eventually you’ll find a style that you feel most comfortable in. Fashion and style doesn’t have to be a specific category either—so don’t worry if your closet is all over the map. It can be more fun that way!

What do you think is next when it comes to the world of Disney style and parks fashion? Are your eyes on any new trends? 

It’s always fun to see what ears Disney will come out with or what the next Spirit Jersey will be. The Disney community is full of amazing trendsetters. We are in such a unique time where trends have been put on pause so it’s hard to predict. I know for sure that whatever it will be, the Disney community will be on top of it and finding ways to make it theirs.

Image Credit: Leslie Kay

Image Credit: Leslie Kay

We loved hearing this fashionista’s musings! It’s no surprise that DisneyBounding has grown to a global phenomenon with Leslie at the helm.  

Leslie’s definitive book on bounding, DisneyBound: Dress Disney and Make It Fashion, is available for purchase now.   


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